Still waiting for the ALA awards to be announced...

• The Children's Book Council has expanded its Children's Choice Award.  Teens are now eligible to vote for their faves.

• The finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Awards have been announced.

• We just finished watching Season Four of The Wire last night.  Boadie!  Noooooooooooooooo!  I remember my father saying that he felt empty at the end of Season Two.  For me, Season Four trumped it.  And not just because of Boadie.

• "I hope they go to private and public libraries and remain in high school classrooms. I would keep copies in my own classroom and encourage students to read them. But they don't belong on the curriculum. Not anymore. Those books are old, and we're ready for new."  I don't really think that sweeping our country's history aside because it's hard to talk about is the way to go, but obviously the guy is entitled to his opinion.


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