Lunchtime links.

• Booklist's 2008 Editor's Choice Books for Youth and Adult Books for Young Adults lists.

Jo Walton's review of The Explosionist* and Colleen's response to the review.

• Fuse's Newbery & Caldecott predictions.  Anyone have thoughts about the Printz?  I think Octavian and Frankie and Paper Towns are obvious picks, but I don't really have a title that I'm really rooting for this year.  Wait, strike all that.  I forgot about Graceling.  I'll root for that, though I can't imagine that it'll win, if only because I don't think a straight fantasy has ever won the Big One.  Sadface.  Then again, maybe this'll be the year.

• Man, my lunch break seems short some days.


*Which I read and loved but apparently never wrote about.  Must rectify that situation.

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