2009 Reading Resolutions.

• I've been curious about the reading challenge community for ages now, so what would be the best way of rectifying the situation?  I will take part in at least three reading challenges:  this one, this one and this one.  The third one promises to be especially hilarious.  There are a bazillion and six challenges listed at this site.

• I will not burn myself out on a genre by reading too many similar books in a row. (Hello, YA angsty-pants realism!  I'm looking at you!  YOU!)

• I will be the master of awesome and make TBR Tallboy a super-fun, rousing success on a shoestring budget.  (What does that mean, shoestring budget?  Huh.)

• I will read more books from my TBR pile and slow down on library checkouts and buying books.

• I will Twitter at least one book.  Okay, two:  I will finish Twittering Mansfield Park and THEN I will Twitter something else.

• I will host another Big Read, and this time I will actually finish it.

• I will read more short stories, starting with the ones in The Lottery that I haven't gotten to yet.

There.  No problem.  Easy-peasy.  For real.  Seriously.

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