TBR Tallboy.

TBR Tallboy is currently on hiatus.

TBR Tallboy is a very low-tech chapbook-style fiction magazine.  A bit more info here.

Back Issues:

Issue One.  The original shipment went out in late May 2009.
Issue Two.  The original shipment went out in December 2009.

Submission Guidelines:

•  Note:  TBRT is currently on hiatus.
• I’ll consider middle grade and YA fiction of any genre* as well as adult fiction that could have crossover potential, anywhere from 500 – 5,000 words.  (Basically, I’m looking for stuff I like.  If that seems broad, well… it is.  My magazine, my rules.  Feel free to go back through my blog archives to get a feel.)  I am not, at this moment, looking for the following:  non-fiction, interviews, personal essays/memoir pieces, poetry, early reader, artwork, erotica.
• Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let me know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.  I can only look at work that has not been previously published.  Please only send one submission per issue.
• The author will retain all rights on the piece except the First North American Serial Rights.  If the author chooses to republish elsewhere, credit should be given to TBRT as the original publisher.
• Sadly, I’m not able to offer financial compensation, so you’ll be doing it for the glory.  And, if your piece is selected, for a free copy of the issue.
• When you are ready to submit your piece, please use the following format:
Send to: bookshelvesofdoom@gmail.com
Subject heading:  Age range, genre, length OR Extremely Short Short.
Please paste the entire piece into the body of the email.  I will not open attachments.   Double space between paragraphs.  There is no need to indent.  Follow up your piece with a brief (2-3 sentences) biography.
•  I will contact you no later than 60 days after the submission deadline.
*Mystery, adventure, historical, contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, horror, fairy tale re-writes, romance, etc., etc., etc.

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