Another rave review for Dooley Takes the Fall.

Don't trust me?  Trust Elizabeth Scott.

This is from an email she sent me on Saturday:

Just wanted to thank you for writing about Dooley Takes The Fall--I'm always a little skeptical of young adult "mysteries" but when I read your rave review and got to the mention of Brick (LOVE!)  I took myself off to Amazon right away and got it.  I finished it last night and you're right--it's FANTASTIC, more than just a "mystery"--it's got heart, brains and amazing writing.  I adored it, and think it's one of the best young adult novels I've read this year.  I'm just sorry that I'm going to have to wait until sometime next year to read more about Dooley.  (But!  Another story about him!  YAY!)

So.  Dudes.  For the love of all that is delicious pie, please go and read the book.