Book challenge news.

• You've probably seen that Tango is being challenged in Iowa.  If not, well, Tango is being challenged in Iowa.  Because it promotes a (ahem) "risky lifestyle".  FOR PETE'S SAKE.  Love You Forever promotes wasting toilet paper, stalking and nighttime climbs up rickety ladders.  I don't see anyone challenging that.

• And in Texas, a Superintendent has pulled TTYL from middle school libraries in his district (and sent it over to the high school libraries) even though "two panels of parents and school officials examined the novel and recommended it remain in middle schools".  I'm a huge fan of this quote:

"The last committee recommended 'TTYL' remain on the shelves by only a 5-4 vote, so it was a very divided vote," Chávez said.

Oh, so since the vote was close, it doesn't count.  I totally get it.  Astounding logic.