The Big Read IV: The Lottery and Other Stories -- Shirley Jackson The Schedule.

Lottery I'd have been happy with any of the choices, but I am very excited about reading these stories -- I loved the Haunting of Hill House and I adore-with-a-capital-A-D-O-R-E-D We Have Always Lived in the Castle, and I remember reading "The Lottery" (of course) in high school, but I never have read the rest of the collection.

Also, I've been meaning all year to read more short stories.  Nice that I'm finally getting around to it.

As always, this is the schedule I'm going to stick to.  You all can do whatever your little hearts desire -- but if you want to follow this schedule, grab a copy soon!  We're less than a week away from our start day. 

And of course, if you blog about it, let me know so that I can link it all up.  Oh, and it should be noted that Matthew Baldwin at Defective Yeti, the creator (as far as I know) of NaNoReMo, is gearing up for November as well.  So if The Lottery isn't what you're looking for, there'll be another group read over there!

November 3:  "The Intoxicated" and "The Daemon Lover"
November 4:  "Like Mother Used to Make"
November 5:  "Trial by Combat"
November 6:  "The Villager"
November 7:  "My Life with R. H. Macy"

November 10:  "The Witch" and "The Renegade"
November 11:  "After You, My Dear Alphonse"
November 12:  "Charles"
November 13:  "Afternoon in Linen"
November 14:  "Flower Garden"

November 17:  "Dorothy and My Grandmother and the Sailors" and "Colloquy"
November 18:  "Elizabeth"
November 19:  "A Fine Old Firm"
November 20:  "The Dummy"
November 21:  "Seven Types of Ambiguity"

November 24:  "Come Dance With Me in Ireland" and "Of Course"
November 25:  "Pillar of Salt"
November 26:  "Men with Their Big Shoes"
November 27:  "The Tooth"
November 28:  "Got a Letter from Jimmy" and "The Lottery" and "Epilogue"