Insomnia links.

  • An extremely convincing pro-Breaking-Dawn argument from a Twilight fan:

And now, of course, I've discovered the world of Twilight fan videos, and my world will never be the same...

  • The most talented girl -- nay, family! -- in the world!  I am so jealous.  When I was her age I used to obsess over the Guinness Book of World Records and try to figure out what records I could set -- but I never actually went for it.  She is clearly made of awesome.
  • Midnight Sun commentary at Occupation: Girl.  I'm tempted to read her commentary before/rather than reading the chapters themselves, but I think I'll wait.  Then again, if I'm still awake in an hour, I shouldn't be held responsible for my actions.

[Five minutes later:  AUUUGH.  I accidentally started reading the recap.  NO MORE UNTIL I READ THE ACTUAL CHAPTERS.  Back to my Google Reader.]