I can't believe this still hasn't been resolved.

Seriously.  This started a year ago.

From the Lewiston Sun-Journal:

A local woman said Wednesday she's prepared to go to jail rather than return a library book about sexuality that she calls "dangerous" to children.

JoAn Karkos, 64, was confined to a courtroom at 8th District Court for about an hour after she was ordered by a judge to hand over the borrowed book: "It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health."

Judge Valerie Stanfill revised her order shortly after noon, giving Karkos until the end of the week to produce the property of Lewiston Public Library. Karkos also was ordered to pay a $100 fine within a month.

I'm dying to know how this will play out.

[Later:  Okay.  No jail for Karkos.  But you have GOT to watch this video and see who she compares herself to -- seriously.  Seriously.  Make a guess first, then watch it.  I'm still in shock.]

[Even later:  I suppose it would help if I actually included the video link, huh?  My shock was so great that I forgot!]