"Huck Finn must go!"

Yep.  Another sort-of challenge to the use of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in a high school.

I say sort-of challenge, because the challenger didn't officially challenge the book -- she just organized a protest outside of Renton High School in Washington state.

Back when the challenger was a junior at Renton (she graduated in 2004), she opted out* of reading Huck and her grandmother filed a formal challenge.  Then, years later, the former student came back and objected to Huck's inclusion on a supplemental reading list.  She didn't file a formal complaint.  To do that, she had to present her case to a committee -- in person -- and thought she was invited to four separate meetings, she never showed.

And thus, the protest?  I guess?

*The school offers the opt out/alternate reading option on all assigned reading.