Prom Dates From Hell -- Rosemary Clement-Moore

Prom Dates From Hell begins:Prom_dates_from_hell

As an interactive horror experience, with beasts from Hell, mayhem, gore, and dismemberment, it was an impressive event.  As a high school prom, however, the evening was marginally less successful.

I should start from the beginning, but I'm not entirely certain when that is, so I'll start with the day I realized that despite my most determined efforts, I was not going to be able to ignore the prom entirely.

The end of April, and a rabid satin and tulle frenzy had attached to every double X chromosome in the senior class.  All available wall space--hallway, cafeteria, even the bathrooms--spouted signage in the most obnoxious colors possible.  I was assaulted by flayers in the courtyard, and harassed by thrice-daily announcements.  Had I gotten my tickets yet?  Had I voted for the class song?  Had I voted for the King and Queen?  No, no, and Hell no, because voting for royalty was not just moronic, it was oxymoronic.

Really, there's no need for me to follow that up... but I will anyway.  Maggie Quinn, girl reporter, unenthusiastically sensitive to the paranormal and world-class crank, is forced to work to save the prom (and the beastly Jessicas*) from a Big Bad who stinks of sulfur.  I loved it, and I especially hope that her fantastic English teacher, Silas Blackthorne (!) has a larger role in the upcoming sequel.

Highly recommended for YA readers who are looking for something not-at-all-serious with snarky narration, a girl detective, a bit of romance and plenty of demonic activity.

*Think Heathers.