Mystery YA title.

From my inbox:

"I'm pretty sure it takes place in the 80's, from the descriptions of the clothes and makeup (White lipstick, shoes with rainbows on the toes). It's about four high school seniors who are forced to work on the yearbook committee because they need an extracurricular to graduate. There's the spoiled rich girl, the pretty boy, the flaky artist's daughter and the 'bad' boy who everyone thinks is poor, but is actually rich. His name is Blaze or..Blade.  It's basically the Breakfast Club at yearbook committee instead of detention. They all decide they don't want to be mean and label people so they decide to make a record of everyone's dreams instead, "So-and-so hopes to open the first rock club on the moon."

I'm pretty sure this book is so incredibly 80's that it isn't even being published anymore.

Any ideas?"

Anyone?  I KNOW I never read this one, but I wish I had!

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