Mini round-up.

•  Al Roker's new pickMolly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism.  Another solid choice.  While I haven't kept up with the series, I did love that book.

•  The mayor of a small Spanish town has proposed a new pro-reading initiative:  pay kids to read.

•  Barry Lyga interviewed at Becky's Book Reviews (via the Cybils):

What do you hope readers gain from reading Boy Toy?

Well, I’m not trying to change the world. You write to entertain people, to make them think a little, to give them a glimpse into someone else’s life. Maybe it’s a glimpse that’s somehow applicable to their own lives. That would be best — if reading the book helps someone understand their own problems or the problems of a loved one just a little bit better.

• The Robie Harris blog tour continues today over at Kids Lit.  She'll be here tomorrow, talking about (of course!) book challenges.  Previous stops on the tour were at Fuse #8, Book Buds and MotherReader.

Play DDR to erase your library fines.  My friend Mark (who sent me the link) suggests that we replace DDR with GTA and offer $1 fine totals for every successful bank heist.

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