Meg Cabot challenged in South Carolina.

From Maureen Johnson's blog:

Hey guys! Guess what! I come bearing BREAKING NEWS!

From the desk of Meg Cabot . . . who e-mailed this to me and told me I could tell you:


Over at Meg Cabot's blog, she says that Princess Diaries 8 has officially been pulled from the middle school in question and may be pulled from the high school as well.  (She didn't say if it was pulled from the school library or from a classroom, and I couldn't find any articles about the situation.)

I haven't read it, but I'm not all that surprised.  All I remember about the last one I read (number #6, I think?) was Mia dithering about whether or not to have sex* with Michael.  As the movies were geared towards a younger audience, I can imagine someone picking it up and freaking out.  It's been challenged for "embracing immoral and non-traditional values", which could mean... well, anything really, right? 

*Just looked it up at Amazon, and it looks like she's still dithering, two books later (no wonder I lost interest, sheesh).