Love is a Many Trousered Thing -- Louise Rennison

Love is a many trousered thingThe moment I finished my Cybils reading, I went tearing to the bookshelf, grabbed this book, went tearing into the bedroom, threw myself on the bed and read the hell out of it. I'd like to think that I looked like The Flash*. 

Due to Robbie's unexpected return from Kiwi-a-Go-Go Land, Georgia finds herself with a choice: will it be the Sex God or the Luuurve God? Or, in Georgia-speak, "after queuing up at the cakeshop of luuurve for ages I have accidentally bought two cakes". Mysteriously, every time she thinks about the Robbie/Masimo situation, Dave the Laugh seem to pop up, too. (Oo-er, as Georgia would say.)

First off, the title. Josh took one look at it and said, "Shouldn't that be called 'Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing'?" Yes. He's oh-so right. And he hasn't even read** any of the books!

I don't think it's the very best book in the series, but like all of them, it has its moments. I know that some people have a problem with Georgia herself (and she's especially awful in this one), but even though she's a complete beast, she's a vair vair entertaining beast. So, of course, recommended to fans of the series.

As much as I enjoy the books, I'm thinking that the series really does need to be wrapped up soon. We've been reading them for, what—eight years now? The only one who has aged at all is Angus, and that's just by association. (What with having a son and all.) Libby is still stuck toddling around. Toddling entertainingly, of course. But it is starting to feel a bit strange.

*Minus the yellow boots, which I used to secretly covet***—look at the wings!  Nice.

**Well, not technically. But I've read so much of so many of them aloud that at this point, he speaks fluent Georgia.

***I still covet them, just not so secretly anymore.