Some of the 2007 Cybils shortlists announced.

We've got:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Finalists -- This was the panel I served on.  We ended up splitting the category in two, so there are really two shortlists:  One for YA and one for MG/Elem.  I'm still a bit weepy that Wicked Lovely isn't on the list (so close!), but it's a fantastic pile of books. 

Fiction Picture Books Finalists

Poetry Finalists

Middle Grade Finalists --Let's see:  I've been meaning to read Crooked Kind of Perfect for ages, the second book has a dog on the cover so I can't/won't read it, the third book has a great title, I've also been meaning to read the fourth book for some time, the fifth book has a great cover and Kate's blurb totally makes me want to read it, aaaand I've also been meaning to read books six, seven and eight.  Whew.