Harry Potter Lexicon: still kicking.

From USA Today:

NEW YORK (AP) — A group of crusading intellectual property lawyers at Stanford Law School say they will help defend a small publishing house being sued by author J.K. Rowling over its plan to print an unauthorized companion guide to her Harry Potter series.

Haven't there been, like, a bazillion other unauthorized companion guides to HP and his world?  Did WB and JKR try to block any of those?  Wasn't the website created by a whole ton of people?  Will they all get a cut of the proceeds, or at least a free copy? 

Intellectual property and moolah questions aside, does the world really need another HP guide?  Will anyone buy it?  (I am totally suffering from HP burnout, man.  And it's a good thing The Golden Compass comes out tomorrow, because I'm headed in a similar direction there.)