The Big Read: Rebecca -- Daphne du Maurier Chapters 25-27

Chapter 25 -- In which it is decided that the whole crew will head to London to meet with the mysterious Doctor Baker.

The truth screamed in their faces and they did not see.  They all stood there, staring at one another, and they did not understand.  I dared not look at them.  I dared not betray my knowledge.

RebeccaI'm with her, man.  How have they not put two and two together?  Woman's specialist, then she wanted to speak with Favell, who was her lover...  DUH.

"Is my word enough for you?" said Maxim, turning to Colonel Julyan.  And for the first time Colonel Julyan hesitated.  I saw him glance at Frank.  And a flush came over Maxim's face.  I saw the little pulse beating on his forehead.

That must have been just crushing for Maxim. 

I held out my arms to him and he came to me like a child.  I put my arms round him and held him.  We did not say anything for a long time.  I held him and comforted him as though he were Jasper.

And I didn't detect any irony in that statement.  Granted, comforting a dog is quite different than absentmindedly petting a dog, but still.

Just when I thought there were no laughs left in this book:

"Giles and I think it much more likely that if those holes weren't done by the rocks they were done deliberately, by some tramp or other.  A Communist perhaps.  There are heaps of them about.  Just the sort of thing a Communist would do."

As usual, poor Beatrice, trying to do the Right Thing but instead, putting her foot in it.

Chapter 26 -- In which the description of London provides a contrast to Manderley, and the de Winters, Julyan and Favell meet with Doctor Baker.

While I can't imagine that she won't be back to Manderley before leaving forever and ever, the beginning of this chapter felt like a farewell.

Re:  Baker's information -- Oh, wow.  Rebecca set Maxim up.  While I can't go so far as to say that she forced his hand, she did goad him into it.  She wouldn't have wanted to go the other way.

Now I really do feel bad for him.  I, too, fell into all of the traps this darn book had to offer.

Chapter 27 -- In which Mrs. Danvers gets her revenge.

I think he's right -- Rebecca did win.  Not just because she tormented him (and then, in turn, his new wife) from Beyond the Grave, but because he ended up losing the one thing that he'd always loved, too.

I rather want to turn to the beginning and start again. 

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