Man, the world of beauty pageants is scary.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Beauty queen Ingrid Marie Rivera beat 29 rivals to become Puerto Rico's 2008 Miss Universe contestant, despite applying makeup and wearing evening gowns that had been coated with pepper spray, pageant spokesman Harold Rosario said.

Rivera was composed while appearing before cameras and judges throughout the competition. But once backstage, she had to strip off her clothes and apply ice bags to her face and body, which swelled and broke out in hives twice.

"We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves," Rosario said. "But the second time, we knew it couldn't have been a coincidence."

Okay, methinks we need a list of books about beauty pageants.  I'm at a loss, as I don't think I've ever run across one.  Plenty about modeling, acting, etc., but beauty pageants?  Help!

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