So many choices.

Okay.  Following up from yesterday

The books listed in the poll are all on my TBR list.  Some I've been meaning to read for ages (Like I said, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Rebecca, but also Titus Grown -- I've wanted to read it ever since the cah-razy (wow, do I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers) Gormenghast miniseries.  Oh, and the Sherwood Smith books, which I was just reminded of by the recent Shannon Hale interview.), some I've been wanting to re-read (the Joan Aiken books, the Prydain books, Feed, the Shirley Jackson), some I know I'll never get to without a kick in the pants (Airborn, Postcards from No Man's Land).

So there you have it.  Winner takes all.  Or, well, you know what I mean.