Sealed with a Diss: A Clique Novel -- Lisi Harrison

DissOkay, I'm horrified that I'm still spending time reading these books, let alone writing up my thoughts.  So this time I'm just posting my notes, in the hopes of feeling a little less guilty:

  • As usual, I find Massie almost likable:

The last time she'd felt this shocked was in the fourth grade.  She was innocently flipping through CosmoGIRL!, passing time while Jakkob painted caramel-colored highlights in her glossy brown hair, when she discovered that bikini waxes were not tacky bathing suit-shaped candles.

  • And the brand names begin.  Six on page two alone, including this:

Their eyes were wide and their mouths hung like Elsa Peretti Open Heart drop earrings.

I still want to know if LH gets paid for naming names.

  • Will the girls will be in Middle School Purgatory for twenty years like the BSC?  Eight books in three years and the girls are only just now finishing seventh grade.
  • I find it odd that, apart from Skye, Massie doesn't seem to know the names of the eighth grade Alphas.
  • Do cats really do this?:

She slid her index finger across the center of her long neck, then dangled her tongue from the corner of her mouth, like a thirsty cat.

  • A hidden camera in the boys' group therapy room?  No, that won't cause problems at all.
  • Beasts.  These girls are beasts.  I hope the pizza waitress kicks them out.
  • Oh, NO!!  Claire read some of Cam's private papers and discovered emails from someone named Nikki!!  It's just like that time that Ryan broke into Marissa's locker, stole Oliver's letter and jumped to conclusions!!
  • If she uses the term "zit-free" one more time, I'm chucking the book.  Oh, who am I kidding?
  • Okay, she made up for it with the hidden camera scene.  A group of idiots spying on another group of idiots makes for big entertainment.
  • And it just gets better, as the girls have just been given detention and have to sort cafeteria trash.  Their science teacher is totally my hero.
  • Layne continues to be pretty darned wonderful.  She built a signal interceptor and has a Spy Ear.
  • Oh, dear God.  I can't believe that for once, I agree with Massie.  I never knew that Chris Abeley was so lame.
  • Heh.  This is exactly why I keep reading the series:

Was Chris hitting on her?  Was she hitting back?  What if he lip-kissed her?  What if he didn't?  What about Derrington?  And Skye?  Massie's hard drive was about to crash.

This didn't hurt, either:

"If jealous was a number, you'd be infinity."

  • It's been mentioned that Alicia is wearing a sleeveless corset dress twice in less than a page.  V. annoying.
  • Chris Plovert on the difference between boys and girls:

"When I'm quiet, it's 'cause I'm relaxed.  I'm not thinking anything.  But when they're quiet, they're really thinking things."

  • A new character has just been introduced, and his name is Dune Baxter.  I kid you not.
  • Massie uses nail polish instead of a highlighter.
  • Page 216: typo.
  • Pretty wonderful ending, what with all of the girls making complete asses of themselves (shocker).  I do love that this series is very much a serial -- the book begins right where the last one left off and ends on a huge cliffhanger.  I hate to say it, but it's fantastic marketing.  (Then again, what else can we expect from Alloy, right?)
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