Uh oh.

I'm partway through Season Two of the new Doctor Who, and I'm loving it. 

I love that they've kept the quirkiness and wit and just plain fun of the original series while giving the Doctor and his companions some depth.  They've become real people instead of just characters.

The School Reunion episode really almost gave me a heart attack -- in a good way.  When Sarah Jane Smith showed up, I cried.  I'm not exaggerating.  As a kid, I thought about that a lot -- what it would have felt like to be left behind by the Doctor.  To have traveled to God knows where (and when!) and then to just go back to regular, ordinary life, not always by choice. 

It occurs to me yet again why I didn't have many friends in middle school.

Whatever.  And it wasn't just Sarah Jane -- the episode also featured Giles as the bad guy, and a very rusty K-9 in the trunk...  It was all almost too much awesome for me.

So reading this has me very, very scared.

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