Epilogues: Pro or Con?

Well, we know where pretty much everyone stands re: the HPVII epilogue, though it does seem that people dislike it for different reasons.

I didn't like it because of what it didn't tell me.  This guy didn't like it because:

Nothing is sillier or more gratuitous than a glimpse into the future of people who never existed in the first place.

I guess I don't really feel all that strongly about epilogues.  Some, like the epilogue at the end of The Sandlot, I like.  Some, like the one that some idiot added to the Hallmark Hall of Fame production of The Secret Garden, I despise.  (Whaddaya mean, Mary married Colin?  And DICKON DIED?  WORST.  ENDING.  EVER.)

Speaking of The Sandlot, Monday morning seems to be an appropriate time for this:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj666Qe998Y]

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