Another young author.

From The State (South Carolina, that is...):

Heather Caroline Higgins’ 163-word account of her 11-year life has netted her a publishing deal.

The Brunswick County, N.C. girl, who will enter fifth grade at Union Elementary School in the fall, details the fear a child goes through when being adopted, through a fictitious foal named Henry.

The book — “The Foal That Doesn’t Have a Family” — also includes Ms. Daisy Cow, the social worker, and another animal in a black robe as a judge.

Erm.  I was curious to see what publisher had picked the book up... 4 seconds of Google research, and I had my answer:  Obviously I'm not mocking her or her book in any way -- I just don't know if I'd describe self publishing a book as having "netted a publishing deal".