The Sphere of Secrets: The Oracle Prophecies, Book II -- Catherine Fisher

This is a series that should very definitely be read in order -- I read The Oracle Betrayed a whole year and a half ago, and there were moments during The Sphere of Secrets where I wished I'd re-read the first book before diving into this one.

SphereofsecretsAlexos plans to travel to the Well of Songs, hoping to repair the damage he did in a previous incarnation.  His traveling companions consist of Oblek, who is on the journey both to protect Alexos and to rediscover his music; the Jackal and the Fox, who, as always, have their own agenda; and Seth, who is the only person with the know-how to read the map... and who has been secretly threatened by Argelin -- if Alexos comes back alive, Seth's family will be put to death.

Meanwhile, Mirany is trying to avoid being poisoned.  And one of her allies is trying to start a war.

Catherine Fisher is a new favorite of mine.  I'd like to sit down with everything she's written and just plow through it all in one go.  As with the first book, I was reminded of the Megan Whalen Turner Thief series.  This time, less because of the setting and the world structure, but because as in the Thief books, this series is getting heavier on the politics and the scheming of different factions and the alliances between different factions and characters. 

I ordered the third book late last week.  Can't wait for it to get here.