Cecil Castellucci interviewed at Bookslut.

From the interview:

Colleen:  Libby and Egg are so very different -- did you want to write about a cool girl after celebrating the ultimate uncool girl (who really turns out to be wickedly cool)? Was Libby a challenge for you?

Cecil:  If I were writing what had been comfortable for me, I would have written Queen of Cool from Tina's point of view because she's closer to who I really am. As a writer, though, I was interested in writing something that really challenged me. What I was really interested in was the question of “What is cool?” I thought Tina was cool but Libby had the more interesting journey, to go from being cool, to becoming truly cool.

Now go!  Read the whole thing!  And don't miss the link to Power Girl's Terrifying Ta-Tas!

Also, just because I'm curious -- quick and extremely informal poll -- which Castellucci book is your favorite?  Mine is Queen of Cool