Extremely lazy mini-roundup.

  • Religious texts pulled from prison chapel libraries.
  • Michael Rosen is the new children's laureate.  He says, "We must, must have at the heart of learning to read the pleasure that is reading. Otherwise why bother? You could learn phonics, learn how to read and then put it behind you and watch telly - you're given no reason to read. There are many ways in which people learn how to read; the idea that there is one way is an outrageous fib."  Oh, and don't miss the extremely creepy laureate holographs.
  • On the bright side, he'll have great material for a sequel:  "Horace Mann’s school board won’t be renewing Andrew Trees's contract next year, confirms a faculty colleague, describing a move that has divided the school and faculty and prompted Head of School Thomas Kelly to block a student op-ed piece, as well as two letters of protest—one signed by 64 scholars—in the student newspaper."
  • Sorcery Sells, and the Young are Buying:  An Essay by Laura Mallory.  You'd think that she'd at least attempt to get her facts straight -- Daniel Radcliffe wasn't naked on screen, he was naked on stage.  Sheesh.
  • Lisa Scottoline on Betty & Veronica:  "So, growing up, who did I want to be - Betty or Veronica? I'll tell the truth. I knew I was supposed to want to be Betty, but I secretly wanted to be Veronica."  And what does that remind us of?  That's right!  The Clique books.  Clique fans don't want to be Claire.  They want to be Massie.
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