What's more interesting than Laura Mallory?

This lady:

A Pentecostal teaching assistant who quit her job at a foundation primary school after she was disciplined for refusing to hear a child read a Harry Potter book is seeking compensation for religious discrimination. She claimed that the book glorified witchcraft.

Sariya Allen, whose case is expected to end today at the south London employment tribunal in Croydon, claims Durand primary school in Stockwell discriminated against her as a born-again Christian and put her at a disadvantage compared with teaching assistants who were not of her faith. After three years in the job, she quit in July and is now jobless.

This article, however, says that Allen was fired for making complaints about her wages.  Or was it because she asked for gloves to clean up blood?  I'm certainly confused.   

Luckily for those of us who find this kind of thing entertaining, the crazy seems to be across the board.  It all went down at a school where an administrator sent a letter to a different disgruntled former employee -- on school letterhead, mind you -- that said: "The lollipop lady at the end of the street could do a better job than you".