Meg Cabot manga.

Looks like there will be a few sequels to Avalon High -- but in a different format. 

Cabot says:

"I had an idea for a sequel, but it wasn't enough story for a whole book. I was thinking of doing a novella, but then TOKYOPOP came along with the manga offer, and I was like: Bingo! The idea I had for the Avalon High sequel was just the right length for a manga. And the manga looks great. More than great-better than I ever dreamed!"

Is it wrong that I find that quote slightly irritating?  I don't know if I'm suffering from MCBS* or what, but yeah.  Annoying.

Whatever.  I loved Avalon High, so I'm sure I'll throw my crankiness to the wind and read the sequels anyway.

(Via Finding Wonderland)

*Meg Cabot Backlash Syndrome.