One of the many reasons I love blog reviews.

There's a conversation going on over at Read Roger about overused words in book reviews.

One of the comments reads:

the bonkbusters comment had some merit. is part of the reason for overuse of words that the words we'd like to use are too informal for a print review? can you call a book wicked cool? way out there? can you say this one rocked?

And there you have it.  I know I have a tendency to be a bit informal when I talk/write about books* (or... anything else), but, hooray.  My blog, my rules.  I embrace the informality.  (I embrace the print reviews, too, but I think it really is the informality of blogs that attracts me.  That and the instant gratification thing.  And the community.)

*I also have a tendency to overuse the words 'totally', 'but' and 'thing'.  All I can really say about that is I tend to write the same way I talk, and sometimes I happen to talk like a Valley Girl.  I'm sure there are phrases and descriptors that I use way (oh, I say 'way' way too much, too.  Also 'oh'.) too much, but it's the filler words I'm really (another one!) addicted to.  Hey, it could be worse.  At least I try to avoid using 'like'. 

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