Veronica Mars cancelled... probably.

Not totally official, but it sounds pretty likely.  From what little I've heard about the third season, sadly, not surprising.  I feel like if they end it, they should just end it, rather than this whole FBI idea.  But that's probably just because I'm in love with her dad.

What I DID learn from that article -- and I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before -- is that the Gossip Girl show is being produced by Josh Schwartz.  Yeah, that's right.  The O.C. guy.

Cripes, am I going to have to actually give Gossip Girl a try?  Do the characters actually have a chance of being likable?  Is it going to be a show populated only by Marissas?  The promo stills make it look like Cruel Intentions.  If it went that way, I could see it working.


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