Countess winner.

Actually, winners.

When I announced the contest, I only had one Countess ARC to give away.  But lucky for you, the editor of the reissues happened upon the contest and sent me some extra copies!  So there are actually four winners:

Sarah, for giving me nightmares:  "Mom plans, sister weds, sanity DIES."

Julie, for making me go, "Awwwwww...":  "There’s no romance in my life."

CC, because I've felt her pain:  "Three straight weeks working. No books."

Another Sarah, for another "Awwwww...":  "Because I never got that pony."

Email me your mailing addresses and I'll get 'em in the mail.

Honorable Mention (and a Lifetime Pass to my rapidly growing Romance Novel Library) goes to Dan for this gem:  "Leila sings great Shania Twain karaoke."

I will have you all know that while it is, I grant you, very funny, it is UNTRUE.  I would never sing Shania Twain in public.  Even if there was some tiny scrap of truth in the statement, it could be much worse -- at least I didn't slap my own butt while riding a big metal pig and singing Brick House