Win a copy of the Countess ARC.

Alrighty, kids!

A Countess Below StairsAs I occasionally suffer from Immediate Gratification Syndrome, I went out and bought* the Ibbotson reprints this weekend.  Then, of course, I received the ARCs in the mail this morning.

So.  The ARCs are up for grabs.  (Well, the Countess ARC, anyway -- I'll run another contest for Summer once I've read it.)

To enter, tell me in six words -- no more, no less -- why the copy of Countess should go to you.

Winner will be announced Friday, around noon.

*Technically, I bought Countess and Josh bought Summer (for me -- he wants me to stress that he bought it for me, not for him), but it amounts to the same thing -- I have an extra copy of each.