"Advocating tolerance is controversial?"

From Indystar:

WOODBURN, Ind. -- The column in the student newspaper seemed innocent enough: advocating tolerance for people "different than you."

But since sophomore Megan Chase's words appeared Jan. 19 in The Tomahawk, the Woodlan Junior-Senior High School newspaper, her newspaper adviser has been suspended and is fighting for her job and charges of censorship and First Amendment violations are clouding this conservative northeastern Indiana community.

School newspapers have a lower level of First Amendment protection than regular newspapers.  The administration does have the right to censor -- IF, that is, "they can justify their decision by stating a legitimate educational purpose". 

Here.  Read her opinion piece.  See if you can figure out a "legitimate educational purpose" for censoring it --and keep in mind that according to Dean v. Utica, school administrators are NOT allowed to censor due to personal opinion.

I'm still reading down through the slew of comments.