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The O.C., Season Two:

The Risky Business episode made me howl, and the Rainy Day/Spiderman episode was fab.  They really pulled out all of the cheesy soap opera stops, and yet... it worked.  I should have gagged when Summer saw the mini-Seth at the airport, but instead, I awwwwwed.

Still hate Marissa.  Not just because of Mischa Barton's acting, but because the actual character is SO LAME.  Why on earth (excluding his Hero Complex) would Ryan like her?  And she dated Alex for what, five minutes before moving in with her?  And then Alex went CA-razy with jealousy, when she'd seemed perfectly reasonable before?  What is wrong with everyone?  Why do they all love her???  The end of Season Three can't come soon enough.

I'm still loving the rest of the characters (even Julie Cooper).


A cross between Rear Window and The 'burbsShia Labeouf is all grown-up -- he made out with a girl (I saw tongue!) and swore and stuff!  And his mom was played by Trinity!  And the bad guy was really creepy, with scary hair!  Just what I needed on a hideously rainy Sunday.

Also, now I kind of want to see Transformers.  No, I don't know what's wrong with me.

Stranger Than Fiction:

Calling all Will Ferrell haters!  Try this movie.  For real.  I loved it.

And now that I've got you here -- what on earth is wrong with you?  How could you hate Will Ferrell?

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