Boys Read: The British Version.

From the Guardian:

Every secondary school library should have a "boys' bookshelf" stacked with contemporary authors such as Melvyn Burgess and Anthony Horowitz to provide "positive, modern, relevant role models" for boys who are reluctant to read or nervous about being bullied as a "swot", he told a Fabian Society meeting in London.

More action-packed fiction and more attention-grabbing teaching could help boys engage with their learning - and benefit girls too by making lessons go more smoothly, he suggested.

There's a list of suggested titles at the end of the article.  I'd definitely throw in more Horowitz, some Crutcher, Lipsyte, Philip Reeve, Edward Bloor, David Lubar, Darren Shan and a slew of comics.  You?  What books have you used to Get Boys To Read?