Canadian Library Association 2007 Young Adult Book Award Shortlist

My favorite thing about shortlists from other countries*?  The fact that the list is often comprised of books I've never heard of:

Alison Acheson - Mud Girl (Coteau)
William Bell - The Blue Helmet (Doubleday)
Hadley Dyer - Johnny Kellock Died Today (HarperCollins)
Beth Goobie - Hello, Groin (Orca)
Maureen Hull - The View from a Kite (Vagrant Press)
Carrie Mac - Droughtlanders (Penguin)
Richard Scarsbrook - Featherless Bipeds (Thistledown)
Arthur Slade - Megiddo’s Shadow (HarperCollins)
Kathy Stinson - 101 Ways to Dance (Second Story Press)
Teresa Toten - Me and the Blondes (Penguin)

*You'd think that buzz about these Canadian books would have made it AT LEAST into Maine, but no.