New Award Alert!

And you -- yes, YOU -- can nominate titles for Colleen Mondor's You Should Read This Award*:

I wanted to do something different - but I am one person and I can't recognize every single blasted good book in the world. Here's my idea though. For my annual awards, which I did alone last year, but I'm changing this year, I'm going to pick a subject and ask everyone and their third cousin to nominate books for that subject. I'm going to aim for children's/YA titles because there are so many adult awards out there, but if you want to nominate an adult book that works for Young Adult (teen) readers, that is cool. The catch is, the books can be published in any year - any year prior and if you have an ARC for the current year, that works to. PUBLICATION DATE DOES NOT MATTER! I'm just looking for the best books ever in my declared subject.

This year's topic:  Coming of age.

So march yourselves over there, read the rest of the rules and get nominating.