His Majesty's Dragon -- Naomi Novik

This is going to be less a review and more a gushfest.

I adored this book. A. D. O. Red.

I came into work this morning and just babbled. Then I put in a purchase request for the next two Temeraire books. Then I babbled some more. Then I got all teary because, well, I want a dragon to choose me


If a Patrick O'Brian-Anne McCaffrey crossover sounds at all appealing, DO NOT miss it. (It even made me toy with the idea of actually READING the O'Brian series, which, if you're aware of my usual disinterest in historical fiction—and war stories in particular—is a bit shocking.)

There's swashbuckling and romance and huge battles and politics and of course, dragons. I fell in love with Temeraire less than two pages after he hatched.

Super-mega-awesome-fabulous. Yay.

Oh, and Peter Jackson recently bought the movie rights. Oooo.