Huck Finn. Again.

This time in Arizona.

The parent was told that her son had the option to opt out of the assignment.  He was told he could spend the class period in the library, to avoid hearing discussion of the book.  He was also given the option to switch English classes. 

Not enough:

If the other assignment is appropriate for an 11th-grade English student, why couldn't the whole class switch to that assignment, Fisher wanted to know.

Zzzzz.  Because, for one thing -- and I'm just using our local 10th grade Core Lit list for my examples -- if you change the Huck Finn assignment for that one student, then you will have to pull The Catcher in the Rye because someone else takes issue with the swearing or drinking or the scene with the prostitute, then The Crucible for infidelity and insensitivity towards Wiccans, The Kite Runner for the rape scene, Life of Pi for gore, and A Northern Light for the kitchen sex, among other things...

And, of course, there's the whole denying-an-entire-classroom-of-kids-the-opportunity-to-study-a-major-work-of-American-literature-just-because-you-don't-want-YOUR-son-to-read-it aspect of the situation.  But I don't need to bother going into that again, I'm sure.