Odd choices for a middle school book group.

From news-register.net:

WHEELING — When Renee Postlewait saw a certain four-letter curse word in a book her 11-year-old son brought home from school, she was shocked. When she found out the book was given to him as part of an after-school reading club, she was outraged.

The books are The First Part Last, Stuck in Neutral and Born Blue, none of which I'd personally use in a middle school book group.  (Man, if she was outraged at the Johnson book, just wait until she picks up the Trueman.  Her brains might leak out her ears.)

Then again, the books are not required reading and the group is voluntary.  I've certainly had kids opt out of my book discussion groups when we're doing fantasy novels.  But it seems like if Bridge Street Middle School wants to run a successful book group, they might want to pick books with a younger target age.