Book Challenge Round-Up, the quote version.

  • HP in Georgia:

  • "This generation is being bombarded with evil, constantly," she said.


  • Give a Boy a Gun in South Dakota:

  • "This is a library book. This is not required reading. This is not part of the curriculum," said Sandy Leonard, middle school curriculum coordinator who led the six-member review panel.

    The review committee recommended that the book stay in the library and the School Board vote is scheduled on December 21nd.

  • The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and The World Around Them in Michigan*:

  • Sophomore Stephane Onderchanin said the students in the class are mature enough to be able to handle the content and understand the themes of the book.

    "The book is not encouraging us to drink alcohol or use drugs," she said.

    Judging from the article, it sounds like the teacher didn't cover her butt -- she didn't require a permission slip, and an administrator said that she didn't follow the necessary procedures to use it in the first place. 

    Then again, people's beliefs re: what constitutes inappropriate levels of "drug use, sexual acts and profanity" vary -- it's possible that she didn't think that whatever's in it would be an issue.  But, heck.  At this point I'm so paranoid that I'd require high school seniors to get a permission slip to watch Sleeping Beauty.  The witch is WAY SCARY and might cause emotional distress. 

    [Later: Also, she calls on the 'Powers of Hell', which could be counted as swearing AND pro-evil.  Not to mention the fact that, duh, she's a witch.  And don't give me that old "Well, it's okay because she's a BAD witch" baloney.  The good fairies use magic, too.  Sorry, I'm rambling.  I'm in a bit of a food coma due to it being December and all.  Oog.]