PW Best Books 2006.

I know lots of people think the end-of-year booklists are lame, but I love 'em.

Chapter Books/Teen Fiction:The Pox Party (The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Vol. 1)

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, by M.T. Anderson -- The most impressive book I've read this year.  While it won't be everyone's cuppa, it's an achievement-and-a-half on M. T. Anderson's part.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo, illus. by Bagram Ibatoulline -- Ah, yes.  The Bunny Book, as some have taken to calling it.  Personally, I liked it a whole lot, but I very much understand why others did not.

Saint Iggy, by K.L. Going -- Yeah.  I don't really understand why this is on the list.  Or the starred reviews.  Someone who really really liked it, please explain.  Because I felt "eh" at best.

Fly by Night, by Frances Hardinge -- Fab.  Fabbity-fab.  Super.  Pure enjoyment.

Incantation, by Alice Hoffman -- Liked it enough that I'm planning on giving her other YA books a try.

Firestorm, by David Klass -- What I said about Saint Iggy, but quadrupled.  Someone who liked this book, please pipe up.  Because, wow.  I was not a fan.

Keturah and Lord Death, by Martine Leavitt -- Super.  Romantic and sad and thoughtful and, again, romantic.

Keturah And Lord Death

Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine -- Haven't read it yet, but planning on it.

Sold, by Patricia McCormick -- Haven't read it yet because I'm scared.  I have it at home, though.  Baby steps.

Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker, illus. by Marla Frazee -- Haven't even read ABOUT it.  Oh, wait.  I recognize the cover.  Still haven't read it, though.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak -- Must.  Read.  Soon.  Or.  Be.  Branded.  The.  Most.  Losery.  Loser.  In.  The.  World.

My comments, obvs, not PW's -- you can read theirs (and look at the rest of the lists) here.

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