Bennett Madison on the Lack of Lulu 3.

From The Bennett Madison Experience:

The reasons for NO LULU 3 are many, and most of them I can't really talk about on this here internet without getting in trouble. But I thought some of the Lulu fans out there might be interested in knowing what could have been. So I'm posting a partial version of an early proposal for Lulu 3, which was to be titled SAYONARA, LULU DARK. This is just a really rough, quickie proposal, and I'm sure that if it had been developed more, it would have changed a lot. (For one thing, I'm all but certain that they would have made me take out the lesbian feminist chainsmoking RAPPER high school student.) And when there is another Lulu, I doubt it will have much to do with these ideas. However, if you have been thirsting for info re: what happens to Lulu and Charlie, the proposal will answer a few questions.

While No New Lulu is a Very Sad Thing, the premise of Bennett's new book, The Blonde of the Joke, sounds Way Fun.  In his words, it's about "a pair of crazy badgirl teen shoplifters at the mall".  That's all I really need to know.  I'm so there.

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