Laurie Halse Anderson speaks out.

Ha.  Get it?  I'm such a nerd in the morning.

From ASIF!:

If - after a community discussion, after all the adults concerned have read and discussed the book - they decide to remove my book, I don't have aproblem with it. I know this sets me apart from many other authors in this group. I fight long and hard to ensure that there is an informed, rational community decision. Because the truth is that I have no business insisting that my book is taught anywhere. It is up to the professional educators and the community in which they work to make those decisions. I think the most important thing we can do is to encourage all school districts to develop written policies to handle book challenges. NCTE and ALA both offer excellent guidance in this. I am shocked by how many districts do NOT have these guidelines. It makes it very easy for a small group of hotheads with an agenda to derail their school's English curriculum.