Philip Reeve wins his first literary prize.

It won't be the last.  He rules

A Darkling PlainFrom the Guardian (via Big A little a):

The Guardian children's book prize - once given to Philip Pullman for the first volume of his Dark Materials trilogy - today goes to another writer for the triumphant completion of an even more ambitious project, a quartet.

The recipient is to Philip Reeve for A Darkling Plain, fourth story of his Hungry Cities series. The £1,500 award is his first literary prize.

I loved Mortal Engines.  LOVED IT.  Which makes it especially strange that I still haven't read the rest of the series* yet. 

In other good news, we have a children's poet laureate.  (Via a few places, but then I forgot about it** and CC reminded me.  Thanks!)

*Terry Gilliam, you should make them into movies.  Please?

**This cold is miserable.  My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton.  In a bad way.

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