Bill Peet worked for Disney? I had no idea.

Obviously, I need to find a bio.

From Jim Hill Media:

As I said earlier, Bill had been working on "The Jungle Book" for nearly a year before I joined the crew, and he had set the tone of the film. However, it was a tone unacceptable to the Old Maestro, and he made his feelings known to his ace story guy. This spat between Peet and the boss drew little attention. After all, Bill had been with Disney since the thirties, and arguing with Walt had become commonplace. We knew once the smoke had cleared, Bill and Walt would have found common ground, and work would continue as always.

Only this time it was different. Peet dug in his heels and refused to back down. Well, you don't challenged Walt Disney without him reminding you that his name, not yours -- was on the building. At this point, Peet had had enough. Already a successful author of several children's books, he didn't have to be reminded he wasn't needed. To the shock of every one of us, Walt included; Bill Peet packed up his stuff and headed out the door. Disney's master storyteller would never work on another Disney feature.

Actually, I think I'll start with his autobiography.  That's about my speed this morning.

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