Webster student speaks out about the removal of Rainbow Boys.

From the Democrat and Chronicle:

Rainbow Boys also contains messages that assure homosexual teens that they, in the words of Sanchez, "are special and worth being cared about, loved, and accepted just as (they) are." By removing Rainbow Boys from the summer reading list, the Webster school district is depriving students of two powerful messages that are necessary for shaping them into sensitive, successful adults.

I believe that the poor decision to remove Rainbow Boys from the summer reading list has tarnished the district's attempts to promote diversity among its students.

Of course, the Superintendent's Office maintains Rainbow Boys wasn't removed for its 'gay theme' (second item down), but continues decline discussing their actual problem with the book.  Explicit sex was mentioned some time ago, but as I've already said, Rainbow Boys isn't the only book on that list with sex that could be described as 'explicit': the Janet Evanovich books are on the list, for pete's sake -- the sex in those is WAY more explicit than what is in Rainbow Boys!

Oh, wait.  The sex in the Stephanie Plum mysteries involves a man and a woman.

And there you have it.  Regardless of how many times they deny it, they yanked the book because of the gay theme, but they're trying to look PC at the same time.  Nitwits.