Finally reading Denise Mina.

Took me long enough, right?  The President of our Friends group has been telling me to read her for ages and ages, and I've had a copy of Garnethill sitting on a shelf for over a year, but what was it that finally put me over the edge?

Denise Mina's run on Hellblazer.  I figured if she likes John Constantine, she must be cool.

I'm totally loving it, don't want to put it down:  I walked down to the grocery store during my lunch break, reading the whole way, got honked at by the mailman, who loves to make me jump, bought my food and walked back, still reading. 

(And the mailman gave me a hard time on the way back, too -- he thinks I'm going to get run over.  I always tell him I have good peripheral vision, but apparently that just isn't good enough.  I love everyone who works for our post office -- every time I get books in the mail, our mail-lady says, "Bookshelves of DOOM strikes AGAIN!"  and then laughs maniacally.  She rules.)