I realize that this just makes HP more fun for some people...

...but for me, yuck.

Somehow, the conference itself gives off the we're-trying-way-way-way-too-hard-to-prove-this-is-legit-lit vibe.  "Muggles and Mental Health: Rites of Transformation and A Psychoanalytical Perspective on the Inner World of Harry Potter."  I mean, really. 

At the same time, it would have been nice if the Guardian had sent an actual fan to the convention -- heck, I'm a Potter fan (a big one) and I think the whole thing is a bit over the top.  Mocking something from the inside is always so much more entertaining than mocking it from the outside.  And it comes off as MUCH less condescending.

By sending a snarkypants non-fan, the article ended up making me feel defensive and irritated even though I agreed with the author (somewhat) to begin with!  Tough to pull off, no?

Then again, it's early and I might be being cranky and over-sensitive.